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The Finale – Behind Closed Doors Series


Huge appreciation to you, my loyal supporter.

For your purchases, your kind words, your reviews, and everything in between. Without you, I would not have been as successful and as enthused to keep the stories coming. Thank you so much!

UNEXPECTED GUEST, Book 3 in the Behind Closed Door Series, is now available on Amazon

Book Description

final3Dana and the rest of the Beauforts remain a constant target for a secret society that will stop at nothing to ensure every member of that family is six feet beneath the soil.



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J A Konrath –

J A Konrath on the power to ignore. There are some mean individuals on the Internet who write bad reviews simply to get a rise out of the writer. Konrath’s simple solution is to IGNORE them. By doing so you strip those pinheads of their power. Great article! Check out the link below:

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