Married to the Devil 2



On the living room floor of the Winthrops’ pristine residence, blood spread quickly from two bodies: those of Apostle Magnus Winthrop and Netty Edmonds, one of his accomplices who’d defected from her loyalty toward him. It would appear that both of them had succumbed to the bullet wounds inflicted during their violent scuffle. And now the plan to destroy Magnus’ wife seems to have come to a screeching halt. But Magnus has a lair of accomplices still hellbent on proving their loyalty to him. Will they be able to carry out the plan without Magnus.

Meanwhile, Erica Winthrop, Magnus’ wife, is fighting her own lustful demons with Dean Ripley, who is confident that Erica will give in to his sexual advances. Things between them began to heat up at a concert and by the time they left the premises, they were both giddy with anticipation. Unbeknownst to them, one of Magnus’ henchmen is in hot pursuit to catch the action on camera. He secretly follows them to the Bristol Reef Hotel, which is infamously known for clandestine one-night stands. Will Erica cross over into the forbidden, knowing that the consequences of her actions could set in motion the nastiest scandal the island has ever experienced?

As if that isn’t enough, the residents of the small island of Barracuda Cove have fallen prey to the encumbering forces behind gambling, sexual sin and religious desecration. First Family Worship Center is the only church on the island, which should have been a place of refuge, but the congregants have been deceived by Magnus into a false sense of spiritual security. But in a divine twist of fate, Magnus’ son, Tavian Winthrop has been identified as a change agent. A spiritual revolutionist who vows to confront the sins his father had perpetuated. Will he succeed in his assignment?

Brace yourself, as you are about to reenter the cataclysmic world of the Winthrops, which will conclude with the saddest showdown between good and evil ever recorded in the history of the island.