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H H Fowler is an Amazon Bestselling Author of more than 10 novels, including the Church Boyz and Church Gurlz series. He lives in the Bahamas and enjoys spending time with his family. 20 THINGS ABOUT H H Fowler! 1) Conceived in the chills of Switzerland, but Fowler's parents journeyed back home to the Bahamas where he was born and reared a Caribbean product. 2) A cosmopolitan at heart, Fowler's interest in the power of writing was ignited at the impressionable age of 13. 3) His first poem, inspired by his Literary teacher was published at age 14 by a recognized publishing company in Washington D.C. 4) Fowler plays both the piano and the drums. 5) Married since 2003 to the same woman. Together, they have one son and twin girls. 6) Loves to watch HGTV. 7) Worked in the banking system for over 12 years before venturing into writing full-time. 8) Did I mention that he is a full-time writer? 9) Agatha Christie, John Grisham and Jerry B. Jenkins are some of his favorite authors. 10) Youth leader at his church. 11) Graduated from college as the valedictorian and was selected to speak on behalf of the graduates. 12) Reads about three books a month. The remainder of the time is spent crafting his next bestselling novel. 13) Completed his first novel by the age of 21 (He was born in 1979, so you do the math). 14) More of an introvert, but very easy to make friends 15) He is a Christian and was raised in a Christian home. 16) Pasta, white rice and steamed pork chops are some of his favorite foods. 17) Dated his wife for six years before they were married. 18) Six years flew by before Fowler and his wife had their first child. 19) Imitation of Life is one of his favorite movies 20) Plans to write 100 novels before he retires.

2017 is here!

Wow, I’ve been meaning to keep this blogsite updated but it is a challenge. However, I want to wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year and pray that all of your New Year’s resolutions come to fruition.

I would like to mention that this year looks to be a fruitful year for me in the publishing industry. I’ve recently partnered with an awesome publishing company and my twenty-seventh book, which will be my first book represented by this company, will be out shortly. It’s titled, “My Husband’s Secret”. Please be on the lookout for it.

Also, there will be a number of other releases coming in 2017. Book 3 in the Peacher Son, Maid Series, Book 5 in the Church Boyz Series, and a brand new three-book series titled, Megachurch. A standalone is also on scheduled to be released this year, but we’ll see how that unfolds. It’s titled, “TROUBLEMAKER” See cover below:

So, I will certainly be busy, lol, more so than the previous years. But I thank God for affording me the opportunity to live my dream. And I thank Him for surrounding me with such awesome supporters. May God bless your sock off in 2017!

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Coming Soon in 2016!

“The Preacher’s Son and the Maid’s Daughter”

IMG_0396When it comes to falling in love, you can’t help who you fall in love with. This is the sobering reality of Malik Harrington, the wealthy heir of a well-known preacher, who falls hard for Isabella Chavez, the beautiful daughter of one of the hired helps. But with so many obstacles to overcome, including the invading powers of Wicca, this connection is doomed before it even starts...

STAY TUNED! You’re about to experience the ride of your life!


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Happy New Year!

Wow, where did 2015 go? Boy I tell ya, time seemed to be a commodity these days. But let me digress and wish all of my supporters a wonderful and prosperous new year! I always say without your purchases, your feedback, your word of mouth, my dreams of becoming a successful writer would have never become a reality. I thank God for you. I truly do.

So what is on my writing agenda for 2016? Well I have tons of ideas but I don’t know how many of them will actually come to fruition. However, I can say that I’m currently working on a new series, called “The Preacher’s Son and the Maid’s Daughter.” The first three books are scheduled to be out in April, with the help of the Lord.

I will keep you updated but until then, stay safe and embrace the showers of blessings in 2016! Love you all.

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Book 7 – The Finale (Real Love Series) Scheduled to be released 19th September, 2015. A refreshing twist will come to the residents of Devin’s Cay. Save the date on your calendar!

_Love_Knows_No_Bounds (2)


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Books 3 & 4 of the “Real Love” Series is now available on Amazon. The drama continues with your favorite love duo…

Download Book 3, Book 4

Hungry_Hearts (2)  If_Loving_You_is_Wrong (2)


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Announcing Book 2 in the Real Love Series

second_chances (2)Hello my dear friend and awesome supporter, I continue to pray that long life, prosperity and excellent health be bestowed upon you in 2015! This is just a heads up to let you know that “Second Chances” – Book 2 is now available on Amazon. You can check it out Here.

If you are just getting started or choose to begin this journey with me in my new “Real Love” series, you can catch up by downloading the first installment Here .You can read it for FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Please note that Book 3 – Hungry Hearts is scheduled to be released near the end of March 2015

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It’s 2015 and with the new year I’m working to release the first two books within this month of February. My new seven-book novella series,  “Real Love,” is set in the fictional town of Devin’s Cay with an entire new slate of characters. Stay tuned and I will update you shortly!  Be blessed! image


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