Upcoming Projects

A new series is in the works – “Grooms for Hire”

Stay Tuned!

30 thoughts on “Upcoming Projects

  1. I would like to know when (when things go wrong) part two of church boyz series will be released.

  2. Hi Benita,

    Nice to hear from you! If all goes as planned, part two will be released July 2012. Please let me know if you will wait around for it 🙂


  3. O my goodness! I cannot believe you left us hanging at the end of part 1 like that! I can’t wait to read part 2.

  4. I read book 1 and couldn’t wait to get book 2. I absolutely loved both books. They kept me engaged and on the edge of my my seat. I can’t believe I have to wait until November to finally find out how this story ends.

  5. Wow, I just finished part two of Church Boyz. I had both books read in one week. I really can’t wait til part three comes out. I am putting a reminder on the month of November because I am eager to find out the end. I will now read Javier.

  6. Church Boyz,books 1 & 2. are both great books. I am definitely looking forward to reading book 3.

  7. I completely and throughly enjoyed Church Boys 1&2, can’t wait for the conclusion!!! When does part 3 come?

  8. Mr. Fowler,
    I absolutely love the Church Boyz Series. Anxiously awaiting book 3!
    I am thrilled to see a Church Glrz Series coming soon!
    You are an excellent writer.
    I also read Javier, and oh my goodness! It was FANTASTIC!!
    You keep writing, I will keep buying!

    Your loyal Fan forever, and…a day,

    REMEMBER EVERYONE: Pass the WORD, not the BOOK!

  9. I as well is waiting on C.Boyz 3, which looks like it’ll be out in November. I will be looking out for you other books as well. Thanks for showing that even though “we” are christians we have real problems too. Thank again.

  10. I can’t wait till Church Boyz 3 comes out. Part 2 was such a cliff hanger I wanted to scream when I realized I was at the end of the book : (…..I know your the after of the story but I hope it ends the way I want it to lol

  11. Miss Ilene,
    I felt the same way when I realized I was nearing the end of the book!

    Mr. Fowler is a wonderful author! I check Amazon Kindle listings EVERY SINGLE DAY, ALL DAY, waiting on his book release!

    I think all of his fans are like we are!
    That is the sign of a true writer!

    It looks like we will be getting our next book soon, I wish we had a release date Mr. Fowler! 😉

    Another loyal Fan of Mr. Fowler!


  12. Hi Julia,

    It’s nice to hear from you again – great words of encouragement! Believe me, I’m tempted to give an exact date as to when the last installment would be released, but I’ll settle for early October 2012. 🙂

    And a big shoutout to all my wonderful readers – your support is invaluable! I would continue to work hard at giving you the best of my efforts. Blessings to all!

    Please keep the month of October highlighted in your calender!

  13. Hello Mr. Fowler,

    You are so very welcome. I meant every word!

    October is our possible wait time?!
    OK…well, It puts us a lot closer than November. 😉

    We are all going crazy waiting for book 3!!!

    That should confirm to you, that you are an awesome writer!
    Because we are PUSHING YOU for your next release! 😉

    I am on pins and needles, and filled with anticipation waiting on that release!

    I love you,

    Your loyal Fan forever… and a day!


    Remember everyone:
    Pass the Word, Not the Book!

  14. Hello Mr. Fowler,
    Thank you for writing such exciting novels. When I finish reading Church boyz I could not wait to read Church boyz 2. Just finished it and all I can say is WOW! I cannot wait to read the final book Church Boyz 3. You are an awesome writer and truly blessed.

  15. Mr. Fowler,
    I downloaded book 1 as a pass time read when It got slow at work. I finished it on my day off and immediately dowloaded book 2. I completed book 2 early this Sunday morning before getting ready for church. Imagine my shock and surprise when I realized book 3 was NOT ready!

    It is truly amazing how dead-on you are with these characters! You have captured the nature of quite a few of the people hanging around in a real church. The “good”, “evil” and the “ones searching for God’s LOVE!

    Anxiously awaiting the final installmemt!

  16. Literally took me 3 days to read Church Boyz I and II. I cannot wait for book III! Excellent job, great imagery, felt like I was there!

  17. Man the church Boyz and. Part 2 was so good I love to see this as a movie just so we as a woman of God. Big churches small churches have promblems as well as pastor first lady childern have promblems just like every one else these books make you think not to keep scercts be honest with your friend and spouse and put u your trust in God and becareful not to jugde love the books cant wait to read the 3 on

  18. I absolutely love your books. Thank you for making your characters so relatable. I really want to purchase church gurlz 3 on iBooks, can you tell me when it will be available.

  19. Have you ever thought about doing a prequel to Javier? It was such an amazing stand alone novel, it left me off the edge of my seat!

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